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My parents were suffocating.

The grief was annihilating.

I spent my life running.

Fight or flight.
Nothing felt right.

This kind of life leads to hard times.

Hard cries.

Over time, disease.

Fast forward to 2016.

Cancer is killing me.

Left boobie.

Stage 3B.

I’m devastated.


I was meant for great things.

Thirty-three, and I didn’t do anything.

Instead, I manifested as a god damn waste.

How embarrassing.

And now death is coming for me.


How much time do I have?

What do I do?

Die from cancer?

Die from cancer treatment?

I didn’t know…

I tried both.

First, natural cancer treatments.

Then fear stepped in.

I didn’t trust myself.

I didn’t love myself.

I didn’t know myself.

So, my as well poison cut and burn myself.

First, 10 rounds of chemotherapy.

FEC killed me.

I went back for more.



Then, the cutting begins.

They booked me in to cut off my tit.

Ok friend, mastectomy it is.

Will I be able to do CrossFit again?

Sure thing kid.

Ok then.

Cut-a-way, friend.

And so they did.

Complete pathological response.

Good for us.

Immediate reconstruction.

Do not want to be lopsided.

One breast is not attractive.

How about we fast-track the process.

Fill tissue expander as fast as possible.

Doctor didn’t pay attention.

He took the drain out too soon.



They can’t be trusted.

You knew this.

I know I did.

But neither can we kid.

So just keep going.

We might survive this.

We still have time.

Next, 26 rounds of radiation on chest just in case in situ cells kill my good cells.

Is it worth the damage?

So they say.

Burn skin.
Over and over again.

This is what it takes?
They know what they’re doing, don’t they?

I know my love.

This doesn’t add up.

But just keep going, hun.
You got this.

9 months later.
Exchange surgery.


You finished your self-destructive healing journey.

Now you can say you did something great.


If you say so.

But I dunno.

I feel terrible.

I feel terrible.

I feel miserable.

Please doc, help me out.

Something is wrong.

Well, Sarah, you’re strong.

Give it time.

Things will sort themselves out.

Next, fall down a dark road.

Things get worse.

The worse it gets the worse it gets.

This is law of attraction.

No one can save you from this.

Only you can.
Must raise your vibration.

But it’s hard to think greater than how you feel.

So now what?

Shit out of luck?

My as well stay stuck.

My as well give up.

I hate doctors so fucking much.

The system lies.
They don’t give a fuck.

And I was meant for something great.

But I take full responsibility.

I let them kill me.

Please, God.

Save me.

Breast implant illness is making you sick, Hunny.


They didn’t tell me about this.

Of course not, they don’t wanna lose their breast implant business.

Next, must pay $12,000 to get implant out.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Exacto knife.
Cut cement out.


That’s a slippery slope.


How else?

I’m broke.

Don’t worry you’ll figure it out.

Until then, use massage therapy to soothe yourself.

Go see Nanny.
Lily health.

She can help.


And so I did…

And that’s when things started to shift.

Nanny is the greatest massage therapist to ever exist.

It’s the way she starts the massage.

Blanket on top.

Heat pad.

Pressure from head to toe.

This pushes pain out.

The relief is life-changing.

My body is thanking me exponentially.


Her touch on my skin hurts at first.

We’ve been severely damaged.


Nervous system in overdrive.

But over time, the pain subsides.

We relax.

Enter a state of bliss.

I can’t get enough of this.

The tempo of her strokes.

She knows where to go.

My erector spinae is very tight.
Like a vice grip.

Her patience to go deep is epic.

It’s perfection.

I’ve never experienced something like this.

I never felt like this.

I immediately become a True Fan.

I will go back often.

No one compares to this.

No one I know cares about the details like she did.

Like she does.

She is truly a magnificent massage therapy artist.

True Artists are meticulous.




Tuned in.

Proud of what they do.

They show up every day and give you their gift with good intentions.

I’ll never forget what she did for me.

She saved me from hell when I had nobody.

Breast implant illness is a deadly disease.

And they won’t tell you these things.

They just want to destroy you so you never amount to anything.

So you get stuck in the system.

So you become a victim.

Victims become cockroaches.




Suicide is the only way out of a slow demise like this.

Yes, I wanted to die.

So I took a lot of time to research all the beautiful ways to die.

Did I?

Don’t worry friend.

Death isn’t the end.

And I was determined…

Determined to fulfill my Quest.

And I made a comeback…

I’ve come back with a vengeance.

And now, here I am…

A force to be reckoned with.

I’ve done the work to awaken.

To learn from my setbacks.

I’ve done the work to activate my gifts.

I’m not a great massage therapist.

But I am an extraordinary artist.

Artist Sarah Long.


And I created The Art Stories Project as a way to showcase what I know.

And you should know, this is not just my poetic justice.

It’s not just the greatest website experience the world has ever seen.

More specifically, it’s the world’s greatest healing center.

It’s a center for healing via art and edutainment.

It’s a place to go to expand and grow.

A place to empower yourself with light and love.

This is what the world needs more of because what I’ve come to realize is, most humans do not serve from a place of love.

And this is the root cause of all our problems.

Problems lead to more problems.

And the problems can only end if we do the work to go within.

But I know from my own personal experiences that it’s really hard to go within.

They don’t teach us this stuff when we’re kids.


Because society is designed to keep us misaligned.

Stuck in their crimes.

Society is corrupt.

And unless you have faith and trust in yourself you’ll never be truly empowered.

Always disempowered.
Always dependent on them.

And they do not care about you, my friend.

Not even a little bit.

And so without further ado, I present to you:

The art stories project True Fan Club.

A true fan is someone who truly values what you do.

They love you for you.

Inside the club, you’ll find epic content made 100% by me.

Yes, I make the word art stories.

I make the audio art stories.

I make the video art stories

I make the photo art stories.

And I’ve pieced the stories together in such a way that makes it easy to navigate.

My topics are related to the art of self-mastery.

It is through the daily practice of self-mastery that we raise our frequency.

And that is the key to self-sovereignty.


And thus, creating the life of your dreams.

And I just think we all deserve to be happy.

We all deserve to feel loved.

But love ain’t what you say, it’s what you do…

And I want you to know, I did this for you.

For us.

Because I love us.

Because I just want more of us to know what I know about True Love.

And in addition to the epic content, you also get access to the Gateway.

That’s where you’ll find the community.

The activity feed is where you can share your own art stories.

Communicate with other true fans.

Start groups.

Join groups.

Think Facebook without the noose.

Also, you’ll have access to classes taught by me.

Ultimately, inside is a masterpiece.

You can check it out, 7 days free on me.

If you find value in what I do, because the art stories project helps you in some way shape, or form, then I consider you a True Fan.

A True Fan Club membership is a monthly fee of $33 a month.

If you don’t like it, no hurt feelings.

Cancel easily, no fee.

Thank you for listening.


Artist Sarah Long

I AM. Alcohol Ink Artist. Mixed Media Queen.